Are you stressed? Anxious? me too…

A friend recently went from feeling stressed to giggling when they stumbled upon this forgotten gem of a photo.  There I was staring out, nervous, worried..would I chew on that finger nail?  haha.  This photo always seems to pop up in the most random places.  Once it was on a dating website with a caption of ‘does the dating world leave you stressed?’

Thats the thing with stock photos.  You never know where they could end up.  I wait patiently for the day I am in Joey’s shoes on that episode of Friends where he becomes the poster boy for an STD.  I did a few stock jobs when I was first starting out as a model, it is a great way to build your portfolio and get paid a little bit for your time.  A roommate found one in a law book for one of her classes.

The high tension photo came from a fun day at a studio in New Jersey where we were creating a lot of handy images.  The photographer noted that I was very expressive and asked if they could do some shots of ‘all of me’ after we finished for the stock rate.  My agent gave the go-ahead (always check with your agent about anything that changes or is added on a shoot day) and we had a fun hour of trying out various scenarios.  The shoot happened right around the financial collapse so they asked for a lot of nail biting and stressing.  There were some funny ones with blocks spelling MONEY and me looking very sad and forlorn.  I have not seen those surface…yet…    Till then, the nervous nail biter (now you know I would never….) takes the lead in stock image usage.


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