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Handy in The National Enquirer

Searching for a spooky sighting this Halloween? Perhaps the return of bat boy? Maybe an Elvis sighting in french toast? How about an alien abduction?
The 10/18 issue of The National Enquirer has it all INCLUDING the Terrifying Dismembered Hand of Ashen Ghoulington!!
……well okay, maybe it’s not THAT spooky, but check out the article! It’s full of handy tips from Ashly Covington & Ellen Sirot, so make sure you pick up a copy of The National Enquirer the next time you’re in line buying that last minute bag of “Halloween candy”
Its a boooootiful article!

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Behind the process of an Ad

There are so many steps to each advertisement out there.. From the concept to the creation, by the time I get to the set, many months of research, development and testing have already gone on.

I was booked for day #2 of a shoot for Samsung. day #1 was the face gal. They shot with me for a few hours holding the camera up to my face with my hair slicked back and in a few different tops. After they got several shots the client liked they combined the face gals pic with mine and that got them to the shot they had visualized. 🙂

Tom Chambers Photography

I am very excited to share some pics by one of my favorite artist photographers, Tom Chambers. His work is compelling and intriguing. I can still remember the first image I ever saw from his collection, it was a little red haired girl with a greyish stripe across her eyes in a black & white dress with a dolls head on fire.. He showed it to me 10? years ago and the images has never left me. It is so hauntingly beautiful. So I had been wanting to work with him for years, yearning to make it to one of his canvases. & finally on a freezing cold day, he had me leap about barefoot in the street and stand on tip toe and cuddle carpets in my old prom dress.

Check out Tom’s Work – Tom Chambers Photography
He currently has a show this weekend. He is participating in a 4-person exhibition at the Chase
Gallery in Boston (Newbury Street).
So if you are in Boston, go check him out.

& no! I did not touch any departed animals 4 this 🙂