Behind The Scenes

g’day Australia! Sunrise Interview

When I got the email about being on the Australian morning show, Sunrise, I immediately wrote back and said yes and would they rather an in person interview? ¬†I’ve always wanted to visit Australia, I worked with Scott Hicks on the movie Hearts in Atlantis years ago and I loved chatting with his family about their home country. ¬†& my friend Meredith has fantastic stories about her time in the country. ¬†One day, one day!! ¬†If I ever make it down and around, I look forward to accepting their invitation to come join them at the studio.

The neatest thing of the whole experience was when I walked in the studio, the producer came right over and said ‘Ashly Covington? ¬†Were you a For Kid Sake Ambassador for Channel 6?’
‘Yes, absolutely!’ ¬†My years as a FKS kid were life shaping for me. ¬†It was a program developed by an amazing woman, Norma Blalock. ¬†Norma created a team of kids that represented the television¬†station. ¬†We were at park openings, walked in the parades, read at the hospitals AND we got to ‘work’ at the station. ¬†We had a saturday morning slot on the station and each week we created a new show. ¬†They had us working all sides of production and it was a learning experience like none other.














Well, small worlds are small worlds and it turned out the producer standing in front of me was Sarah Alderson who was one of the producers of the FKS program. ¬†It was incredible to catch up and to be able to make the connection of how those early years shaped everything that we are both doing today. ¬†I’m forever indebted to WTVR TV6 for taking a chance on a group of kids and letting us create, grow and take responsibility for the community. ¬†I’m also forever grateful to my mom who whisked all over town to get me everything I needed for the audition that I told her about probably the night before. ¬†My mom rocks.

Sarah got me all set up with the earpiece and camera frame. ¬†It is funny to try and listen to someone through an earpiece and chat back to the camera. ¬†There was a bit of a delay but I am still impressed that I was able to chat with¬†SAMANTHA ARMYTAGE¬†and¬†ANDREW O’KEEFE¬†with such ease. ¬†They were great fun and I hope one day I can meet them in Australia for an in person chat & ‘hand off’¬† ūüôā ¬†We wanted to have a little hand judging competition but were unable to get a live feed situated back at my end in Virginia.



Chilling with Jeff Saxman for Hamilton Beach

Got to hang with one of the first people to help me out on the hand modeling journey today! ¬†Jeff Saxman and his assistant Rich were one of my first clients. ¬†I believe they might have been my 2nd job ever! ¬†Today we were working on an industrial something or another for hotels and restaurants made by Hamilton Beach. ¬†I’ve been working for HB exactly as long as I’ve been working with Jeff and I love that these jobs are based in one of the best cities in the country – Richmond, VA!

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New You Magazine

A last minute editorial was my final job of 2012.  The shoot was for the first issue of New You Magazine which came out THIS MONTH!  That was one of the fastest turn around times for an editorial spread, less than a month from conception to preparation to shoot to edit to printing to distribution (not to mention all the fine tuning throughout.)  New You Magazine, the January issue.

I was excited because I heard that I would be working with the nail artist, Chiharu Natsume again.  She is really great at creating tiny intricate designs on the nails and once I saw the spread of gorgeous jewelry on the props table, I knew she would be decking out my nails.  I was super hoping that the last look would be on both my hands (sometimes they only paint one hand for the shot) so that I could go home for the holidays with badass nails.

It was a great day on set lead by photographer Wendy Hope. ¬†Wendy made finding the right angles with the jewelry while showing off Chi‚Äôs nail designs a breeze. ¬†And her shots!!!! ¬†¬†Oh man, we were all huddled around the computer screen drooling over her work. ¬†The faceys were the beautiful twin super models Ieva Aniuylte & Aida Aniulyte. ¬†Gorgeous and sweet and how lucky to have a friend to always travel with. ¬†They told me that they do a lot of work together and are usually always in the same town. ¬†It would be awesome to always have someone to hang out with on out of town jobs. ¬†That rarely happens for hand models ¬†ūüôā



Town & Country ‚Äď Bridal

I was very excited to be chosen for the Town & Country Bridal Issue (on stands now.) It would be my first time working with the incredible photographer, Carlton Davis.  Stockton Hall, one hell of a props stylist and friend, had first shown me Carlton’s work a few years ago and I had hoped to one day collaborate on something amazing with him and a bridal shoot gave us gorgeous props, beautiful sparkly rocks to play with when creating the shots.

Not only did we get the most incredible of rings to play with, we also got Fleury Rose and her nail creations. ¬†Seriously ‚Äď stop reading this right now and go to her website. ¬†Check out the Artists Favorites section. ¬†Just ‚Äď wow! ¬†She does that all by hand. ¬†In addition to being able to create tiny galaxies of designs on nails, she is a seriously cool person.

Had a blast with Carlton and the T&C gang.  Love a set with great music and great people, Stockton was right about a day onset with Carlton being inspiring for creating amazing shots AND just being FUN!

Nails being beutified by Fleury Rose.

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Pizza Hut Daze

MMMMMMMMM ‚Äď nothing like the smells of a pizza day (or a chocolate chip cookie day), the Pizza Hut cooks brought their A Game in getting everyone on sets mouths drooling. ¬†They were even so kind as to put out a few pizzas that didn‚Äôt make the Hero pizza cut on the crafty table. ¬†Pizza with stuffed edges and it was really good.

The shot was a really cool spinning pizza with hands reaching in and pulling out slices at specific times. ¬†I got to work with two fantastic male handys, Robert Amirante & Tom Nikko, so that made for an easy day. ¬†They are wonderful to work with because they are both really focused. ¬†When the camera starts whirring, we each have to hit the mark at exactly the right time for focus on the set camera track, the action being each person reaches in at predetermined times and pulls a slice from the pie which is spinning on the table. ¬†It can sometimes be tricky, coordinating all the actions, so it is a relief to work with seasoned pros who always hit their beat on the director, Alex Fernbach‚Äôs metronome. ¬†I enjoy working to a metronome as I find it sound track to hitting the mark each and every take on a camera move shot. ¬†It also reminds me of my best friend who is a drummer ¬†ūüôā

I had a great time on this shoot and turned into one of those small world situations, where one of the clients turned out to be the cousin of my god brother! ¬†ha ¬†ūüôā ¬†Love how everyone is so connected

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Nails by Sophy Robson for Sephora

The British Nail Artist, Sophy Robson flew over to NYC to work with Sephora on her nail art line.  She is an amazing artist and I was psyched when I realized I was getting the Cherry Blossom nails!  Sophy is a lot of fun and had wonderful stories about her nail adventures.  She is one cool lady!

CHERRY BLOSSOMS!!static1.squarespace static1.squarespace-1

what the shot looked¬†like from my angle. ¬†We tried having me come right in but the picture frame wasn’t laying right. ¬†Eventually, we cut a hole in the bottom and I stuck my hand through and plugged the hole as they added all the crystals.


& here is the final ad!!


Tear & Pull Aparts for Lean Cuisine

Today was one of those deliciously steamy moments you see, when the Hero food is being pulled apart to show off the yummy that lies inside. ¬†The Hero food deserves its Hero moment and that is what today was about. ¬†We were showing off a new product from Lean Cuisine and it was a team effort. ¬†What you can’t see in the still from the playback camera is all the people huddled around the table. ¬†One prop guy on steam, the other keeping the food at the right temperature to hand to me the moment playback yells ‘speed.’


My giant bug glasses!  These babies are handy to have as hand models are often staring right into very intense lights while manipulating the products.