Behind The Scenes

$30 million diamond day

Ahhhhhh Yes! These are the shoots that people associate with hand models. Whenever someone finds out what I do for a living, the first thing they ask (after the George Costanza question) is do I do mostly jewelry ads. There are a lot of jewelry ads, yes, most definetly…. but more often than not, I’m working with food… So I do really enjoy these glittery days where there are men with guns making sure I don’t “RUN! RUN!!” (as my friend Melissa texted me to do when I told her I was wearing a 30 million dollar ring on my finger.)

This was one of those glittery days for Glass Magazine. There were four guys with guns on this set. I didn’t run away

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May issue of Paper Magazine

The May issue of Paper Mag is out NOW  🙂  Amazing nail creations by Naomi Yasuda!!!


Naomi’s nails are incredible, her attention to detail is amazing!! a subway sub on a nail!!!

Lookey the lil cheesburgers n fries!  Incredible!!


Always a cool day to be Naomi’s hand model.    I have a favorite memory of a shoot involving dangling chain mail from the nails and scratching a male models torso.

Hand Model Song by Nate Shelkey

My friend Nate Shelkey wrote a song for me! giggle! Love it! He is a freakin’ awesome and hysterical guy and a great musician too. You probably saw him pantless during the Superbowl in the Dockers “I Wear No Pants” commercial… or dressed up as a giant mouse in commercials for D-Con mouse traps. Nate pretty much rocks all around and you can check him out online here!

Drum Roll Please… Here is the Hand Model Song by Nate Shelkey!

Behind the process of an Ad

There are so many steps to each advertisement out there.. From the concept to the creation, by the time I get to the set, many months of research, development and testing have already gone on.

I was booked for day #2 of a shoot for Samsung. day #1 was the face gal. They shot with me for a few hours holding the camera up to my face with my hair slicked back and in a few different tops. After they got several shots the client liked they combined the face gals pic with mine and that got them to the shot they had visualized. 🙂

The Oracle of Bacon

Woo HOO! I am connected to Kevin Bacon by one person in the Oracle of Bacon.
🙂 This makes me smile because back in college at James Madison University we theatre folks got really into the 6 degrees of kevin bacon (as it was called back then) and there were always long streams of connections going – this person to that etc. Ahhh the days of the vax.
So today when I was sent the link to this site

I had to check it out!