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$30 million diamond day

Ahhhhhh Yes! These are the shoots that people associate with hand models. Whenever someone finds out what I do for a living, the first thing they ask (after the George Costanza question) is do I do mostly jewelry ads. There are a lot of jewelry ads, yes, most definetly…. but more often than not, I’m working with food… So I do really enjoy these glittery days where there are men with guns making sure I don’t “RUN! RUN!!” (as my friend Melissa texted me to do when I told her I was wearing a 30 million dollar ring on my finger.)

This was one of those glittery days for Glass Magazine. There were four guys with guns on this set. I didn’t run away

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May issue of Paper Magazine

The May issue of Paper Mag is out NOW  🙂  Amazing nail creations by Naomi Yasuda!!!


Naomi’s nails are incredible, her attention to detail is amazing!! a subway sub on a nail!!!

Lookey the lil cheesburgers n fries!  Incredible!!


Always a cool day to be Naomi’s hand model.    I have a favorite memory of a shoot involving dangling chain mail from the nails and scratching a male models torso.

Behind the process of an Ad

There are so many steps to each advertisement out there.. From the concept to the creation, by the time I get to the set, many months of research, development and testing have already gone on.

I was booked for day #2 of a shoot for Samsung. day #1 was the face gal. They shot with me for a few hours holding the camera up to my face with my hair slicked back and in a few different tops. After they got several shots the client liked they combined the face gals pic with mine and that got them to the shot they had visualized. 🙂

Tom Chambers Photography

I am very excited to share some pics by one of my favorite artist photographers, Tom Chambers. His work is compelling and intriguing. I can still remember the first image I ever saw from his collection, it was a little red haired girl with a greyish stripe across her eyes in a black & white dress with a dolls head on fire.. He showed it to me 10? years ago and the images has never left me. It is so hauntingly beautiful. So I had been wanting to work with him for years, yearning to make it to one of his canvases. & finally on a freezing cold day, he had me leap about barefoot in the street and stand on tip toe and cuddle carpets in my old prom dress.

Check out Tom’s Work – Tom Chambers Photography
He currently has a show this weekend. He is participating in a 4-person exhibition at the Chase
Gallery in Boston (Newbury Street).
So if you are in Boston, go check him out.

& no! I did not touch any departed animals 4 this 🙂

Theme Magazine

Next time you find yourself in Barnes & Noble or any of the Universal Newsstands around nYc take a peek at issue #17 of Theme Magazine!!!! The shoot was a fabulously long day filled with awesome peeps, rockin’ nail colors, cool jewelry, paint and more. It was a treat to work for this beautiful magazine.