TV Commercial

Manicures or something like them

It was an exciting day to get a last minute call to do a job while I was out in California last fall.  I came for a wedding and then stayed for the interview with The Doctors and surprise, surprise some spur of the moment work popped up with some of my fave crew!
The natural nail color that I had on for the interview needed to come off and I was without my hand kit (I wasn’t expecting to be working.) The crew had my back.  Shellie Anderson, who has an eye for making food gorgeous, had some polish remover in her kit and the master product manipulator and handy guy, Justin Harris, helped with the change.


The spot starred Sharon Osbourne and there was all sorts of handy happenings for the Atkins commercial.  Pickups, dollop, cookie breaks, cheese pulls and spooning – hand model skills day.



The final spot! Love the tv commercial!

I had a fantastic extended time in California.  I packed for 6 days to go to a wedding and ended up staying out west for over 40 days.  Thanks to Zac & Syd & Katie for letting me crash.  Huge hugs to The Valentines for making me a part of the family for Thanksgiving & Christmas!

Butter Spreads

It was a butter spreading kind of day!  A perfect spread is a delicate combination between the speed/pressure that I exert and the temperature of the knife and butter.  Talented food stylist and prop masters make sure that once the perfect combination is found, it is repeated for each take.  It is a team effort to get that final moment that makes it to the television screens.


I was pleased to find the butter of all butters, Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter was the go to spread.  A block came home with me at the end of the shoot!


Dukes Mayonaise – Chocolate Cake

MMMMMMM, I love a good Chocolate Cake.   My favorite cake EVER comes from the Ukrops Bakery that is located in the Martin’s Grocery Stores in and around Richmond, VA.  That cake is a fabulous yellow cake with the most delicious chocolate frosting that I have ever tasted and I’ve tried a lot of great cakes.

It was a truly great day on the set of the new Dukes Mayo spots (being a Southerner – DUKES MAYO is the ONLY true Mayo) when I found out we would be creating a chocolate cake for the spot.  AND a totally edible chocolate cake, which meant we would all get to snack once the spot was created.  A lot of commercials have food stuffers, mashed potatoes inside lasagna and other various tricks to make the food look delicious, that usually renders is inedible.  Lucky for us, this was not going to be that type of day.

The crew was also using the RED cameras that just capture everything.  The camera (with an awesome director ) can truly make the smallest things come alive.  One of my favorite bits from the spot is the flour sifter.  I was sifting it as fast as I possibly could yet with that camera every grain of flour is captured.  Truly beautiful capture.

This might be one of my favorite hand modeling commercials out there.

Pizza Hut Daze

MMMMMMMMM – nothing like the smells of a pizza day (or a chocolate chip cookie day), the Pizza Hut cooks brought their A Game in getting everyone on sets mouths drooling.  They were even so kind as to put out a few pizzas that didn’t make the Hero pizza cut on the crafty table.  Pizza with stuffed edges and it was really good.

The shot was a really cool spinning pizza with hands reaching in and pulling out slices at specific times.  I got to work with two fantastic male handys, Robert Amirante & Tom Nikko, so that made for an easy day.  They are wonderful to work with because they are both really focused.  When the camera starts whirring, we each have to hit the mark at exactly the right time for focus on the set camera track, the action being each person reaches in at predetermined times and pulls a slice from the pie which is spinning on the table.  It can sometimes be tricky, coordinating all the actions, so it is a relief to work with seasoned pros who always hit their beat on the director, Alex Fernbach’s metronome.  I enjoy working to a metronome as I find it sound track to hitting the mark each and every take on a camera move shot.  It also reminds me of my best friend who is a drummer  🙂

I had a great time on this shoot and turned into one of those small world situations, where one of the clients turned out to be the cousin of my god brother!  ha  🙂  Love how everyone is so connected

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Tear & Pull Aparts for Lean Cuisine

Today was one of those deliciously steamy moments you see, when the Hero food is being pulled apart to show off the yummy that lies inside.  The Hero food deserves its Hero moment and that is what today was about.  We were showing off a new product from Lean Cuisine and it was a team effort.  What you can’t see in the still from the playback camera is all the people huddled around the table.  One prop guy on steam, the other keeping the food at the right temperature to hand to me the moment playback yells ‘speed.’


My giant bug glasses!  These babies are handy to have as hand models are often staring right into very intense lights while manipulating the products.


Lean Cuisine Spots are on the air!

There are 3 Lean Cuisine spots running right now featuring my handy work. The spot are all part of a ‘Book of Truth’ series that they are doing. Keep an eye out for Myth #14, #22 & #35! You can only see my hand at the beginning opening the book BUT that does not mean that I was being lazy for the 3 days of shooting last spring. I am working on all the food hero parts of the commercial. The ‘Hero’ of a commercial is the shot that shows the food in a state of perfection, the yummiest bite of whatever is being sold

You can see me showing off the cheese in the pizza pull and again in the fork lift. These quick little moments take a lot of amazing people to get right. We were working with some amazing food stylists to get the cheese so perfect.

Nutella Spot is on the air NOW :)

I was very excited to see my Nutella Swipe on tv the other night.  This spot was a lot of fun to shoot as it encouraged finger licking  🙂  I am doing the swipe in the shot, spreading the Nutella on the toast.  There was some time spent in the kitchen on set learning the precise pressure and tilt of the knife needed to get the perfect wave in the Nutella as it is smoothed over the bread.

Canon Power Shot Television Commercial

Check out the TV spot that I worked on with director Greg Ramsey.  We had a lot of fun spinning the camera around.  There was a lot of choreography involved for the hand modeling dance though most of it ended up on the editing room floor in post  🙂  Super fun day and you can catch me poking my finger in at the end.  I hear this spot is playing before the previews in a lot of movie theatres