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Coffee, Lattes and Espresso – they have always had a warm, mystical lure for me. Watching my parents cradle their cups in the morning, peeking into cafes with people relaxing in overstuffed couches sipping foamy treats. And the smell!! That smell that makes me feel cozy and wonderful.

I should be a coffee fanatic with my all-nighters as a theatre major in college and my penchant for overnight drives home to surprise my mom and friends in VA. I want to love it. But I don’t. I dislike that taste even more than Buckley’s cough syrup (which will get rid of a cough but tastes like death.)

I’ve only had three sips of coffee ever. Once when I was a child and my dad gave me a sip, I gagged and can remember being so taken aback by a taste from something that looked and smelled so wonderful. I had the same reaction in college when I was given a taste by a friend at 4am when we were frantically trying to get all the finishing touches done on the stage – same reaction.. *ack* *ack* Nooooooooo, not for me.

And then again, most recently when I was working on a shoot for Breville. The shoot was non-stop esspressos – the smells were amazing. There was coffee everywhere and for 14 hours I basked in the scents. Towards my 13th hour, I was called to do a shot where I would create a Snowman in the espresso. The Baristas started the design and I finished it up, which called for using a stick to make the buttonholes. To do this, I had to insert the stick into the foam to create the first button and then lick the stick clean for the next one (licking the stick was the fastest way to get it ready). It all smelled so wonderful that I knew I would just love it. I stuck that stick in and pulled it out leaving a perfect circle behind and stuck it in my mouth and *ack*! Same Reaction. I was again just so taken aback by my sheer dislike of something that I want to like. *Sigh* I finished the Snowman’s buttons and got it in the first take, thus saving me having to have that 4th taste. I drank some hot chocolate and cleared my taste buds and decided that I would just live with loving the smell. Cuz that smell is delicious enough.

Check out the hand stylings of Bruce Hawkins, Guy Veryzer, Genia Morgan, Alejandro Garcia and me 🙂 My starring moments come from making the snowman and the ring of hearts! Lots of cup holding that day.

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