Dukes Mayonaise – Chocolate Cake

MMMMMMM, I love a good Chocolate Cake.   My favorite cake EVER comes from the Ukrops Bakery that is located in the Martin’s Grocery Stores in and around Richmond, VA.  That cake is a fabulous yellow cake with the most delicious chocolate frosting that I have ever tasted and I’ve tried a lot of great cakes.

It was a truly great day on the set of the new Dukes Mayo spots (being a Southerner – DUKES MAYO is the ONLY true Mayo) when I found out we would be creating a chocolate cake for the spot.  AND a totally edible chocolate cake, which meant we would all get to snack once the spot was created.  A lot of commercials have food stuffers, mashed potatoes inside lasagna and other various tricks to make the food look delicious, that usually renders is inedible.  Lucky for us, this was not going to be that type of day.

The crew was also using the RED cameras that just capture everything.  The camera (with an awesome director ) can truly make the smallest things come alive.  One of my favorite bits from the spot is the flour sifter.  I was sifting it as fast as I possibly could yet with that camera every grain of flour is captured.  Truly beautiful capture.

This might be one of my favorite hand modeling commercials out there.

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