Interview on The Doctors

Last year, I had the pleasure of being interviewed about my life as a hand model on the tv show, The Doctors.  The incredible hair stylist, Sydney Valentine of Goddard + Bragg Salon rocked an amazing cut and color and the LA Manicurist to the stars, Chantalynn Huynh beautified my hands for the pre-taping.

I arrived at the set and shared a dressing room with Fran, a remarkable woman who has been suffering from a degenerative eye disease her entire life.  She underwent an incredible procedure that enabled her to have a perception of vision with a bionic eye!  One day, they hope to restore some loss of sight with what they are learning from her experience!  Fran and her son, Eric, are lovely people and we had so much fun chatting before the taping.  Click here to watch Fran’s story!

The makeup and hair team at The Doctors is downright awesome.  Two lovely ladies who rocked my new style and made me feel fantastic.


Before the show I was sent images of Dr. Travis Stork, Dr. Rachael Ross, Dr. Jennifer Ashton & Dr. Andrew Ordon’s hands to scout for any hand modeling potential.  I believe they all have already all found their true calling with having healing hands  😛

Dr. Stork has even skin tone, this is a key for a good hand model, as your skin has to be a nice even tone so that it is almost unnoticeable.  If you have skin discoloration or redness it can be distracting from the real star of the photo shoot – whatever the product.  When a hand is holding a bottle of dishwashing soap, the clients don’t want viewers to be distracted by the hand holding it.   Dr. Stork also had a good shape to his nails.  The nails were nice and rounded.  He did have a perfect hitch hikers thumb, which could be the perfect thumb for a very specific type of ad but would rule him out for most hand modeling work.

Dr. Ashton has lovely straight fingers.  Before I started hand modeling, I never really thought about fingers being straight or not, aren’t all fingers straight?  I soon discovered that was not the case as most fingers are not.  It is purely genetics and Dr. Ashton and I can thank our ancestors for passing along their straight fingers to us.  She also has a very nice curve to her thumb with a pretty shape.

Dr. Ordon had the best nails on the panel.  His nail shape is beautiful and you can tell he has taken great care with them.  That is a big key, you have to take care of your nails.  He was also blessed with the nice broad nail shape that is so wanted by clients for male hand models.

I declared Dr. Ross the winner of The Doctors Next Top Hand Model as she was blessed with great even skin tone, a nice shape to her nails with a great curve to her thumb AND she also has very versatile hands.  With a good manicure and polish, her hands could be in beauty or a jewlrey ad and if she removed the polish and had her nails filed short, she could also play the hands of children in toy or video game ads.  She has the hand size that can play both parts!

Thanks to the great peeps involved in the experience, I had a fantastic time with everyone, the studio audience was awesome and I hope one day, the legal department lets them release an outake of the Doctors reaction to what I originally said instead of ‘hand modeling jobs.’    hahahah  🙂

& I’m pleased to note that my penchant for making faces on camera is still going strong.  McKenzie & Matt nailed it with this camera snap of the episode!





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