Interviews and LaLaLaing it.

This week has been a flurry of awesome.  That always seems to happen when I come to the warm coast.  I adore Los Angeles.  This town always revives me and gets the East Coast winter chill out of my bones (and fingertips)!

I came out for some interviews and some hand modeling work.  I am very excited about the interviews – I cannot wait untill I get the word that I can share and talk more about them!!!!  During one yesterday, I was asked about my first job ever and I found a copy!!!


I remember walking onto the set and not knowing at all what to expect.  I knew I was going to hold a phone and that I would be sharing the image with an adorable little girl.  The photographer, Ron Samardge, was amazing at giving us direction and helping us find a comfortable pose that we could hold for a long period of time.  I remember thinking ‘wow, that sure was easy’ after it was over.  Little did I know then that this was not typical for most hand jobs.  Most of the times when you are hand modeling, you have to keep your head and body out of the shot so you have to think like a contortionist.

This job was my beginning and I have loved the entire journey and can’t wait to see what is next.

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