New You Magazine

A last minute editorial was my final job of 2012.  The shoot was for the first issue of New You Magazine which came out THIS MONTH!  That was one of the fastest turn around times for an editorial spread, less than a month from conception to preparation to shoot to edit to printing to distribution (not to mention all the fine tuning throughout.)  New You Magazine, the January issue.

I was excited because I heard that I would be working with the nail artist, Chiharu Natsume again.  She is really great at creating tiny intricate designs on the nails and once I saw the spread of gorgeous jewelry on the props table, I knew she would be decking out my nails.  I was super hoping that the last look would be on both my hands (sometimes they only paint one hand for the shot) so that I could go home for the holidays with badass nails.

It was a great day on set lead by photographer Wendy Hope.  Wendy made finding the right angles with the jewelry while showing off Chi’s nail designs a breeze.  And her shots!!!!   Oh man, we were all huddled around the computer screen drooling over her work.  The faceys were the beautiful twin super models Ieva Aniuylte & Aida Aniulyte.  Gorgeous and sweet and how lucky to have a friend to always travel with.  They told me that they do a lot of work together and are usually always in the same town.  It would be awesome to always have someone to hang out with on out of town jobs.  That rarely happens for hand models  🙂



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