People Magazine Interview

I woke up this past Friday to a flurry of texts and messages as friends found what I had been wondering about!!  A few months ago, a lovely gal from People Magazine contacted me about an interview.  We chatted on the phone for a few hours and I sent her some of my favorite images.  I had almost forgotten about it when I woke to all the notifications!  The issue was OUT!  I am so excited to see it in person, I still haven’t found a copy!!  Robyn, the owner of Cary St Cafe in Richmond, VA has a copy saved for me!!  THANK YOU ROBYN!!

The beautiful and talented actress, Jivelle Callender, was able to scan and send the article so that I didn’t have to wait till I could hold a copy in my hand to read the entire thing.  THANK YOU JIVELLE!!!

and drum roll – Handy in People Magazine (I’ve come a long way since the National Enquirer days!!)

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