Pizza Hut Daze

MMMMMMMMM – nothing like the smells of a pizza day (or a chocolate chip cookie day), the Pizza Hut cooks brought their A Game in getting everyone on sets mouths drooling.  They were even so kind as to put out a few pizzas that didn’t make the Hero pizza cut on the crafty table.  Pizza with stuffed edges and it was really good.

The shot was a really cool spinning pizza with hands reaching in and pulling out slices at specific times.  I got to work with two fantastic male handys, Robert Amirante & Tom Nikko, so that made for an easy day.  They are wonderful to work with because they are both really focused.  When the camera starts whirring, we each have to hit the mark at exactly the right time for focus on the set camera track, the action being each person reaches in at predetermined times and pulls a slice from the pie which is spinning on the table.  It can sometimes be tricky, coordinating all the actions, so it is a relief to work with seasoned pros who always hit their beat on the director, Alex Fernbach’s metronome.  I enjoy working to a metronome as I find it sound track to hitting the mark each and every take on a camera move shot.  It also reminds me of my best friend who is a drummer  🙂

I had a great time on this shoot and turned into one of those small world situations, where one of the clients turned out to be the cousin of my god brother!  ha  🙂  Love how everyone is so connected

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