Silver Brocade Polish from Karma Organic

WOW! It’s all I can say. And my mom says so, too.

My mom loves red nail polish on her toes (they have been painted red since I can remember). Since I became a hand model, I’ve been the one painting them for her. It’s great practice for me with a dark color and then she gets to have a visible reminder of how long I’ve been gone. When the polish starts to grow out, it means I’d better get my bottom back home for a visit.

On my visit in October, I brought home a bottle of the Silver Brocade from Karma Organic. I put it on my toes and begged my mom to let me put it on hers. She did not want to change from her red, but I persisted and told her that it would help me to know how it wears on someone who is in a pool a lot. My mom exercises with her friends in a pool most days of the week. She also doesn’t treat her fingers and toes as carefully as I do, and I thought she would really put the polish to the test.

When I swiped it on, her eyes got big, and she said “WOW – That’s Silver!”

That was the same impression I had – I fell in love with the color instantly. The color is so rich and silver. It is vibrant and it covers like a dream. It’s almost like you had poured a silver mixture right on your toes. My mom was hesitant, as it was not her red but she agreed to try it out and I promised to change the color when I was home again. At Thanksgiving, when I was visiting, I asked her what night she would like her pedicure so she could go back to Old Faithful Red. She smiled and said, “The silver hasn’t dinged at all, let’s not change it now.”

I was confused. “Mom, it’s fine, you don’t have to wear it for me”

And then she confessed that the color had really grown on her and that she had been getting a lot of compliments at the pool. Her toes just sparkled under the water! I’ve since had to take my color off, as I had a job, but when I spoke to my mom the other day and asked how the polish was holding up after two months she said, “Great! I love it! Perhaps over the Holidays we could freshen it up because my toes have grown out but the polish that is on is still perfect.”

I asked her, “What about your holiday red toes?”

She said, “this year my toes are going to shine!”

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